Save for a special occasion or teach the kids to keep their pennies safe by painting your own money box. –All money boxes come with plastic seal, so you don’t need to smash to retrieve your funds!


Kit includes:

1 x Money Box (choose from Llama, Piggy Bank, Skull and Princess)

6 x colours


Selection of brushes


You can either pick your kit up in store or doorstep delivery and collection of painted ceramics for firing is available within around 5 miles of the shop (if you're unsure please ask). Delivery will be made on Mondays and Fridays. Please email us to let us know when you are ready for them to be collected for firing.


Finished ceramics can then be picked up from the shop or can be delivered for an additional £3 charge.


With all kits please return pallets and brushes with your finished ceramics. Also, if you can return any unused paint that would be great as it only works on ceramics!

Takeaway painting guide will be emailed out with all orders. Please specify if you have a different email address you would like it to go to.

Paint at Home Moneybox Kit