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A worry blob is a little ceramic friend that you can tell your problems to and, without judgement, they will listen and do their best to ease your fears. 

Talking is always good and often just saying out loud what is preying on your mind can help to make you feel a little better. Tell your worry blob your problems (and hopes and dreams - they’re there for the good as well as the bad) before you go to bed and it will work its magic. They’re also small enough to carry around in your pocket so you can always have them near if you need a chat.

- Each worry blob comes in it's own handmade box, along with a small scroll telling you it's name, likes, dislikes and secret skill. Each worry blob is unique.

- You cannot choose your worry blob, it is assigned to you, as it will have the correct training for your problems.

- Worry Blobs vary in size, but all are quite small and fit in the palm of your hand.

- Worry blobs are not toys and are suitable for both children and adults. Due to their small size we do not advise giving them to very young children.

- All worry blobs are made from clay by hand then painted, glazed and fired.


If you would like this item posted out to you head to our Etsy site to order:

Worry Blobs

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