Takeaway Painting Kits

If you can't get to the cafe, then grab one of our Takeaway Painting Kits and get creative at home.
Choose your ready made kit or create a bespoke one from our entire ceramic stock (see below). 
Pick it up from the cafe, then return it for firing. 

You can also order a Takeaway Painting Party Kit - Click here for more info
Pick and Mix Takeaway Painting Kit

1. Choose which ceramics you would like to paint. Pick from the following items (click on the images to enlarge)...

Copy of Figures and Money Boxes.jpg

2. Pick your paint colours. The first five colours you pick cost £4 then it’s £1 for every colour after that (e.g. if you picked 7 colours it would cost £6). This cost also includes all glazing and firing costs.


Choose from: Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Dark Green, Brown, Beige, Cream, Grey, White, Black, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Lilac, Baby Pink, Hot Pink.


Each kit will include paint pallets, sponges and a selection of brushes. Please return pallets, brushes and any leftover paint when you return the ceramics.


3. Tell us via email email@creativebiscuit.co.uk or over the phone 0208 532 2824 the following information...

  • Which ceramics and paint colours you would like.

  • Your name, email address and phone number so we can get in touch with you (this will only be used for the takeaway kit and will not be kept).


Once we receive your order we can tell you the total costs. We will then send you an invoice and you can either pay by card or Paypal. 


4. Once we have your order we will email you confirmation, plus our guide to ceramic painting so you have all the tips and tricks you need.


5. Once you’ve finished painting return the kit to us for firing.

6. We will then fire your ceramics ready for pick-up from the cafe. Ceramics are ready three days after pick-up.