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Covid 19 Information

Our priority is to keep our customers and our staff safe. We have always kept the cafe to high hygiene standards, but these are the steps we have now put in place.  

  • There is hand sanitiser as you enter the shop, please use this before coming in.


  • Please adhere to social distancing. Only 2 customers inside for takeaway at a time.


  • We've taken out tables and moved things around so there is a safe space around each table. There are also several hand sanitiser stations.


  • Please stay at your table unless using the toilet. We will take your order at your table (from a safe distance) and bring it to you. If you can, please pay by card.


  • Only one group at a time at the ceramics shelves. Tell us what you would like and we will get it for you.


  • Please supervise children at all times (but you all do that anyway!)


We will clean and sanitise tables between customers and continually clean communal areas. All trays, paint pots, pallets and brushes will be disinfected after every use.


  • Booking a table or calling before heading over is advised.


  • And it should go without saying, but please do not come in if you have any Covid-19 symptoms.

If you have any further questions, or anything you think we should be doing differently, please come directly to us. We are all learning at the moment, so appreciate your patience. 

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