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Paint at Home Ornaprint Bauble Kit to keep you busy and creative while you stay indoors. These Ornaprints are particularly good for getting hand and footprints - let us know if you would like our guide to getting good hand and footprints included.


Kit includes:

2 x Ornaprint Baubles - (diameter 10.2cm)

6 x colours


Selection of brushes


Kits are available to pick up from the shop, shortly after ordering. Return to the cafe for firing, along with all pallets, brushes and any unusued paint which we can recycle. Ceramics are ready to pick up 4 days after dropping in for firing.

Takeaway painting guide will be emailed out with all orders. Please specify if you have a different email address you would like it to go to.

Paint at Home Ornaprint Bauble Kit

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