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Bake Off Bingo!!

The oven is on, the timer is set, the double entendre’s about buns and baps are flowing freely in preparation – that’s right The Great British Bake Off is back.

Unsurprisingly we are big fans here at Creative Biscuit. So not only will Tim be ramping up his baking game (well he doesn’t know this yet, but he will, it’s inevitable), but as we love a good game, I’ve made some Great British Bake Off bingo cards.

And you should also be able to download them here

To enhance your viewing experience even further, print out the cards and have a good old-fashioned game of bingo. So the rules (because as Monica says on Friends, “Rules control the fun!”)


In each bingo game there are 3 prizes to be won - 1 line, 2 lines and House.

The player who is the first to have all the boxes in one line (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) on their ticket wins the 1 line prize.

To win the 2 line prize, the player must have all the numbers called on 2 lines of the same ticket.

Or, of course, get them all on your card, shout house, wave your card in the face of your fellow players and treat yourself to a massive slice of cake.

Prizes are up to you, but we think a selection of baked goods is the way to go.

If you’re not a fan of bingo and prefer boozing it can also be played as a drinking game. Take one sip of your favourite tipple every time you cross off one of the things on your card. Please both drink and bake responsibly.

And as an extra treat here are some pics of when we went on The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice last year. Marvel at Tim’s rhubarb and ginger meringue pie on our hand painted cake stand and ceramic party ring coasters. Plus also Tim, protecting the pie with his life as it makes the arduous journey from east to west London (one side got slightly bashed and there may have been some bad language.)

Bon appetit!

Tim's rhubarb and ginger meringue pie on An Extra Slice
Tim's rhubarb and ginger meringue pie on An Extra Slice

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